Auditions for “Dancing at Lughnasa”

Auditions will be held at the Broadview Heights Spotlights Theater for Dancing at Lughnasa on Sunday, January 13 and Monday, January 14 from 6:30 to 9:00 P.M.   The show runs March 8 – 23, 2019.
The role of “Father Jack Mundy” has been cast.  All other roles are open.  This show is directed by Rose Leininger.  Auditions will be selected scenes from the script.  If you have an Irish song you know, we will hear a few bars a capella.  Resumes and headshots are not necessary, but appreciated.
About the Play:
It’s the Summer of 1936 and Europe is on the verge of terrible change.  The Mundy family are sheltered in their close-knit home in Ballybeg, Donegal.  Michael,  the illegitimate son of the youngest sister of a family of 5 sisters and one Brother, feels the joy and security of his family and narrates us through this tale of family and trials.
When Michaels his father comes home, the cracks begin to show.  Secrets and sorrows break through the happiness and repressed passion is unleashed.  Uncle Jack comes back from 25 years serving in Africa, and anxieties which can tear the world apart for Ballybed come to the surface. Amid all this, the joyous music of Ireland and the purity of family will pull us through.
The role of Father Jack Mundy has been cast.
All other roles are available:
  • Kate Mundy, 40+, Spinster, afraid of what everyone thinks.
  • Maggie Mundy, 40’s, Smoker, rough, and rowdy, full-on joker.
  • Rose Mundy, 30’s, A little slow-believes and trusts everyone to a fault
  • Agnes Mundy, 35-40, Quiet, introvert, Rose’s protector.
  • Christina Mundy, 30’s, Full of spirit and adventure, loves dancing.
  • Gerry Evans, 30-35, Very adventurous, loves music and dancing.
  • Michael Evans, Late 20’s, Son of Christina – young, very serious and thoughtful.