Auditions for Musical, “Queen of the Mist”



The Broadview Heights Spotlights Theater is seeking seven actor/strong singers for its upcoming production of Michael John LaChiusa’s Queen of the Mist.  This will be the second production of this piece after the 2011 New York City premiere.

Auditions will be Sunday, August 14, from 3:00 – 5:00PM and Monday, August 15, from 7:00 PM to 9:00PM, and will be held at the Broadview Heights Cultural Arts Building, Home of the Spotlights Theater, 9543 Broadview Road (on the Broadview Center property, next to the Police Department).

Callbacks, if necessary, will be held by invitation only on a to-be-determined date later in the week.

The show will be directed by Tim Anderson and music directed by Ryan Bergeron.

Play Synopsis

Based on an astounding and outrageous true story, Anna Edson Taylor, who, in 1901 at the age of 63, set out to be the first woman to shoot Niagara Falls in a barrel of her own design. Navigating both the treacherous Falls and a fickle public with a ravenous appetite for sensationalism, this unconventional heroine vies for her legacy in a world clamoring with swindling managers, assassins, revolutionaries, moralizing family, anarchists and activists. Convinced that there is greatness in her and determined not to live as ordinary, she sets out to battle her fear and tempt her fate. With a soaring score that incorporates turn of the century themes with LaChiusa’s signature complexity and insight, Queen of the Mist is the story of a single great fall, and how one woman risked death so that she could live.

Audition Preparation

  1. Those auditioning should bring a list of conflicts between September 6 and November 20. Potential cast must be available for weekend performances between November 4 – 20, 2016.
  2. Be familiar with the musical and the historical basis for the characters. Videos featuring the original New York production are available on YouTube:


  1. Prepare two short musical selections:
  • One song that showcases your ability to sing legit (non-pop/rock) music.


  • An early 1900s parlor/Americana song

Examples include, but are not limited to:

Songs by Stephen Foster or Jerome Kern

Songs from a musical set in the era (i.e. Showboat, Tin Types, or Ragtime)

Early 1900s parlor songs as referenced on on



Historical characters are hyperlinked to Wikipedia
3 Women, 4 Men

  • Anna (“Annie”) Edson Taylor
  • Frank “Tussy” Russell – Anna’s manager
  • Quintet:
    • Soprano: Jane (Anna’s Sister)/The Blonde (Martha Frankenfuhrer)
    • Mezzo (with Belt): Carrie Nation/Mrs. Gumstock/River Boy/Woman Reporter
    • Tenor: A Young Soldier (Mike Taylor)/Panhandler/Carnival Barker
    • Baritone: Man with His Hand Wrapped in a Handkerchief/Officer Darling/Panhandler
    • Bass: A New Manager/Mr. Mallardo/Panhandler/Mr. Rudetsky (a barrel copper)/River ManOther roles played by the Quintet:
      Panhandlers, a Train Conductor, Blondin, Captain Nissen, Maud Willard, T.J. Preston, Ellen King, Charles Mason Dow, Woman Reporter, a Spectator, A Stage Manager.

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For more information, please contact the director, Tim Anderson, at