Spotlights' Theater for Young Audience Series

The Frog Princess

Catherine L. Howard

Directed by
Brenton Cochran

Produced by
Diane Frendak & 
Sharon Joyce

Stage Managed by
Whitney Cline-Chockreff

Costumed by
Katie Atkinson & 
Jill Kenderes

March 7–15, 2020

Broadview Heights Spotlights Cultural Arts Building

COVID-19 Update: All upcoming performances of
The Frog Princess have been cancelled.  If you purchased tickets, refund information will be sent to the e-mail addressed used at the time of purchase.

Show Synopsis

Roles are reversed in this colorful adaptation of the Russian folk tale. Queen Natasha is tired and wants to turn over the throne to one of her three sons. But which one? Each of them has some, but not all, of the qualities needed to be a good king, and the queen reveals that the difference between a good king and a great king is the woman behind the throne. So she sends her sons off to find wives, using an arrow to guide them. The youngest son Sasha’s arrow pierces Natalia ... a frog! Though the ladies and gentlemen of the kingdom laugh, Sasha proceeds with the marriage to fulfill his duty. You’re audiences will be charmed with this delightful and funny tale. Without any preachiness, this very clever story also teaches that it pays to be kind to everyone ... including frogs!


  • Narrator 1: Natalie Zenczak
  • Narrator 2: Sarah Price
  • Queen Natasha: Jenilee Taylor
  • Lady in Waiting: Kassie Schill
  • Court Gentleman: Eli Ravenson
  • Guard: Evan Mortensen
  • Boris: Nicholas DeAngelis
  • Casimir: David Rusnak
  • Sacha: John Flanigan IV
  • Ursula: Lexi Frendak
  • Vassilissa: MaryBeth Knode
  • Natalia: Katie Flanigan
  • Cook: Jaclyn Phelps
  • Tutor: Lisa Mortensen
The Frog Princess is presented by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service.