Stellaluna and Other Tales

Book and Lyrics by
Allyn Cardarelli

Music by
Steve Goers

Based upon the works by
Janell Cannon

Directed by
Tim Anderson

Produced by
Brenton Cochran
Tara Corkery

October 5–13, 2019

Broadview Heights Spotlights Cultural Arts Building

Stellaluna the bat, Verdi the snake, and Pinduli the hyena all seek refreshment at a watering hole one hot day, only to find themselves the subjects of a bullying lion's ridicule. But by sharing stories about building self-confidence, these three misfit animals find wisdom, peace, and friendship. Based on the popular books by Janell Cannon, this delightful musical is a treat for both children and adults.


Roxana Bell
Adam Bowers
Lydia Greer
Stephanie Malfara
James Newton
Peggy Newton