Man of La Mancha

Written by
Dale Wasserman

Music by
Mitch Leigh

Lyrics by
Joe Darion

Directed and Music Directed by
Ryan Bergeron

Costume and Properties Design by
Sharon Joyce

Technical Design by
Tim Anderson

Produced by
Keleigh Bowling & Tara Corkery

November 2–17, 2018

Broadview Heights Spotlights Cultural Arts Building

Based on The Adventures of Don Quixote, by Miguel the Cervantes y Saavedra, this musical is a comic tragedy of mankind's struggle to better both himself and the world in which he lives. When Cervantes started writing he intended a satirical burlesque of the then fashionable novels of chivalry; gradually the author's sympathies changed, ad the novel developed into a deeper, broader and more compassionate account of the adventures of an eccentric idealist in a hostile, greedy and cynical world, which leads the reader to the conclusion that if Don Quixote is a fool, it is because the world does not live up to his ideals. This feeling is perfectly reflected in this beautiful musical version of the story.


Tim Anderson, Miguel Cervantes/Alonso Quijana/Don Quixote

Roxana Bell, Antonia

Adam Bowers, Padre

Ariel Brinker, Fermina/Moorish Girl

John Janoch, Captain of the Inquisition

Shane Daniels, Juan

Stephanie Malfara, Aldonza

Bob Newton, Governor/Innkeeper

Declan Newton, Manservant/Sancho Panza

Peggy Newton, Housekeeper

James Newton, Anselmo

Sarah Price, Tenorio

Marco Quiroz, Pedro

Eli Ravenson, Duke/Dr. Sansón Carrasco

Ellie Ritterbusch, Barber

Addie Wisniewski, Paco

Natalie Zenczak, Maria