Summer Youth Production


Seth Rudetsky and Jack Plotnick

Concept created by
Seth Rudetsky and Drew Geraci

Additional material by
Drew Geraci

Directed by
Tim Anderson

Music Directed by
Ryan Bergeron

Choreographed by
Maggie Majercik

Lighting Design by
Charlie Jones

Costume Design by
Stephanie Giammarco

Produced by
Adam Bowers

June 22, 2017–July 2, 2017

Broadview Heights Spotlights Cultural Arts Building

Reminiscent of 1970s disaster cult films such as The Poseidon Adventure and Airport 1975Disaster! takes place in 1979 Manhattan during opening night of the Barracuda, the first floating casino and discothèque in New York. The characters gather unaware of impending natural disasters, and the building's lack of safety measures compounds these catastrophes.


Nicholas Beiser, Chad
Delia Brennan, Marianne
Kate Brierley, Sister Mary Downy
Kyla Burks, Levora
Nicholas DeAngelis, Tony
Zoe Douglas, Shirley
Clay Hoffner, Professor Ted Scheider
Alicia Pedraza, Jackie
Ellie Ritterbusch, Ben/Lisa
Cole Tarantowski, Maury
Nathan Weagraff, Scott

Ariel Brinker
Clorise Busch
Audrey Halvorson
Charlie Ligus
Molly Molina
Declan Newton
James Newton
Josh Pedraza
Emma Rosberil
Nick Talion