Want to join us by volunteering your talents and/or time?  Check the boxes below that indicate areas
you would be willing to help us with.  Type in your e-mail address and click the send button.  Someone
will contact you.  
Painting sets (no experience necessary)

Adopting and maintaining outdoor flower beds and pots (we’ll provide materials)

Routine housekeeping tasks (vacuuming, washing floors, cleaning the kitchen)

Special maintenance projects (window washing, carpet cleaning)

Hunting down props (do you like going to re-sale stores?)

Finding/adapting/sewing costumes (a really creative opportunity)

Running lights (we’ll train you)

Helping back-stage (become part of the production “family”)

Putting up posters (interact with local businesses)

Greeting visitors and helping with refreshments (for “social butterflies”)

Constructing sets (a project for handymen, carpenters, and apprentices)

Helping with education activities (assist our teachers/directors)
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Make a Donation

The Spotlights is a non-profit organization, and in an era of struggle for many performing arts organizations,
the Broadview Heights Spotlights is always seeking private donations to sustain our programs and develop
further theater opportunities for the community.  Donate online securely via PayPal using a credit card. Click
on the button below to begin your donation.  

You may donate by check by sending your donation to Broadview Heights Spotlights, P.O. Box 470652,
Broadview Heights, Ohio  44147.  Thank you for your support.
9543 Broadview Rd.
Broadview Heights, Ohio  44147
Phone: (440) 526-4404
Volunteer Opportunities
The Broadview Heights Spotlights is a non-profit organization
that has been blessed with spirited volunteers who donate
their time and talent toward putting on a quality production
and/or improving and maintaining the Cultural Arts Building.  
There are always creative opportunities and service projects
available for anyone wishing to enhance their life through
Our Wish List

Perhaps you have one of the following items or services that you are no longer using.  Please consider
donating them to the Spotlights!  New donations are also accepted.  Please contact us if you have any of
these items that we may take them off of your hands!  Thank you.

  • Clothes drier
  • Clothes steamer
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Commercial vacuum cleaner
Our Dreams

  • Our current performance studio holds an average of  60 audience members and many of our shows
    are sold out.  In addition, while this is a unique and appropriate venue for many different types of
    theater and performances, the size of the stage limits our ability to mount larger-scale productions.  As
    we have grown, we see the need for a larger stage and performance capacity.  Major contributors
    would have naming rights.  

  • Initial talks have begun about the construction of an amphitheater for outdoor performances on the
    Broadview Campus.  If you have construction experience and could help coach us through a
    community project, please let us know.  Major contributors would have naming rights.

If you are interested in helping us expand our cultural offerings to the community, please email
us at