featuring a complimentary
beverage bar (non-alcoholic) and
luscious desserts available
for purchase during
an extended intermission.
9543 Broadview Rd.
Broadview Heights, Ohio  44147
Phone: (440) 526-4404
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2013 Events
Show Synopsises

After the Beep
Directed by Shane Stahl
Ron Young, Scott
Elizabeth Allard, Lynn
Jenilee Grabenhorst, Bianca

    Lynn and Scott have been together for a lot of years. When
    Bianca, a strange woman from Scott's past, leaves a message on
    the answering machine, what follows is a brutal argument full of old
    suspicions and nagging fears.

Perfect Meetings
Directed by Chris Bizub & Shane Stahl
Eeyan Richardson, Mark
Sarah Price, Alice

    One night Mark meets Alice and, although they are total strangers,
    Mark knows he has met his perfect woman. The only problem…he
    forgets to find out her last name. What follows is Mark's absurd but
    entertaining quest via the telephone to find Alice again.

No Voice
Directed by Chris Bizub
Natalie Romano, Nadine
Eeyan Richardson, Cook

    Nadine has heard voices all her life. To make her well, Cook must
    take those voices from her as we look at what's real, what's right
    and what's sane in a world where nothing is what it seems.

Spaghetti Proposal
Directed by Shane Stahl
Daniel Ward, Jeff
Jackie Phelps, Wendy

    Asking the woman you love to marry you is never easy. It has to be
    unique, memorable and honest.
    This proposal's got all that and a big bowl of spaghetti, too!

History (and a Dash of Hollywood)
Directed by Chris Bizub
Eeyan Richardson, Caesar
Chris Ambrose, Harrison

    Benjamin Franklin inventor, founding father, one of our time's most
    respected thinkers. Can we make a movie about this? Not on your
    life, kiddo. A look at what one movie exec, one little idea and the
    quest for money can do to something as malleable as history.

Dancing Blind
    Directed by Shane Stahl
    Elizabeth Allard, Julianna
    Eeyan Richardson, Patrick

    Julianna and Patrick are falling in love and want to learn everything
    about each other, so Julianna tells him a story of the greatest gift
    and greatest loss in her life.

The Tarantino Variation
    Directed by Chris Bizub
    Ron Young, Mr. Fuschia
    Jenilee Grabenhorst, Ms. Puce
    Tim Anderson, Mr. Mauve

    Three wise guys, a lot of attitude, handguns and a Mexican
February 22 - March 9
Our Annual Coffeehouse Production
Seven One-Act Plays with an extended intermission featuring for-purchase
gourmet desserts and a complimentary (non-alcoholic) beverage bar.